Area Guide

There are many ways to travel to Koh Phagnan. Some convenient, while other more interesting.

By Bus | By Train | By Plane | By Car

By Bus

From the south terminal of Khonsong Sai Tai in Bangkok take any bus that passes Suratthani, then catch a local car or taxi from the town to Donsak pier or Suratthani Pier.

From Khaosan Road, it's easy to get here because the ticket includes the bus from Bangkok to Suratthani Pier and also the boat (express boat) to Thong Sala Pier (Koh Phangan).

By Train 

Catch the train from Bangkok Hualumpong Train Station to Suratthani Station (Phun Pin) or catch the train from any other train station that passes and stops at Suratthani Station (Phun Pin). When you arrive at suratthani there may be agency staff asking and directing you where to go, or you can contact the office to buy a ticket. Each ticket includes the bus (air conditioned) to the Pier and the boat to Thongsala Pier (Koh Phangan).

By Plane

From Bangkok Airport (Don Muang) there are 2 airlines that you can get:

Nok Air sells comprehensive tickets from flight (leaving Don Muang Airport) to Hi Speed Ferries Lomprayah (Koh Phangan).

Thai Airways (tg) will stop at Suratthanin Airport as well as Koh Samui (limited flights).

Bangkok Airways (pg) goes to Koh Samui Airport, where you can catch a local car or taxi to either the Bohput or Nathonthe pier and then a ferry to Koh Phangan.

By Boat

Hire a long-tail boat for a longer trip

To Bottle Beach (Haad Khuat) and Koh Maa and Haad Rin (Full Moon party beach) the boat can be arranged with locals. Make sure that snorkel set is included or not in the price. For further information, please don't hesitate to ask at the reception.

Daily trips available to Koh Samui

(Operates Feb-Oct)

Thong Nai Pan Beach - Thaan Sadet Beach and Waterfall - Haad Thian - Haad Rin - Koh SamuiThe 40-seat long tail boat departs from Thong Nai Pan at 8.00 a.m and stops at:

• Thaan Sadet Beach and Waterfall , where there is a quiet beach and the island's largest waterfall together, as well as an historic stone bearing King Rama V's initials. The quantity of water in the waterfall depends on the season. There is a nice restaurant on the hill and good views.

• Haad Thian : Accessible only by boat, has a quite beach but because of the rocks on the shoreline the swimming isn't so good. There is also a restaurant and some bungalows.

• Haad Rin : World famous for its monthly full moon beach party, has many bungalows and restaurants and is good for shopping and enjoying the lively night life in the many bars along the beach. Haad Rin is the busiest and most crowded town on Koh Pha-ngan.

• Koh Samui ( arrival at Maenam Beach ): Larger and more developed than Koh Pha-ngan has a wide range of shopping, tourist attractions and dining and accommodation options. The nearest airport is located there. You can find more details about Koh Samui in the local guide books.


Thong Nai Pan - Koh Samui

Koh Samui - Thong Nai Pan

9:00 am Thong Nai Pan 12:00 noon Koh Samui ( Maenam Beach pier)
- Thaan sadet beach 12:45 p.m Haad Rin
9:45 a.m Haad Rin - Thian beach
10:45 a.m Koh Samui - Thaan sadet beach

1:50 p.m Thong Nai Pan
(Operates Feb-Oct)

Note: Times are subject to change without notice

By Car

We recommend that car is not the best way to get around Thailand and especially not the Koh Phangnan.

But if you descide to travel by car then drive to Suratthani and head to Donsak pier. From the pier there are ferries to Thong Sala Pier (Koh Phangan).


Car Ferry to Koh Phangan



Cost (Baht)

Koh Samui - Don Sak (Surat Thani) 5 x per day 1:15 70 / person
230 / bike
350 / car
Koh Phangan - Koh Samui - Don Sak (Surat Thani) 2 x per day 3:10
Please use a general guide and check with ferries for changes

Thongtapan resort can only be accessed by experienced 4x4, so we recommend that you either leave your car on the mainland or at the port in Koh Phangan.

Note: A general warning if you hire cars or bikes on the spot, please read carefully the terms and condition of the hire and insurrance.