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  Hiking top

Walking to Bottle Beach takes about 1 hour from Baan Fai Mai. The trail is very easy to reach basically walk along the main road, which leads to town (Thongsala). Once when you see the melon stand which is actually selling cold drinks, then take a right turn and enjoy the steep road down the mountain. Be a bit careful on the steep road and I can guarantee that your trip is worthwhile. Altogether this hike takes about an hour and forty-five minutes.


  Explore our little Thaan Prawes waterfall top

We can guarantee that this trip can make you sweat! The best time to start walking toward there is    2:00pm onward and the best way to see this spectacular waterfall is to keep walking along the main road until you see the wooden sign made by the locals saying "Thaan Prawes". The entry looks like you are walking through someone's backyard but it is the right & best way to see the waterfall. It leads almost to the top of the waterfall. In the dry season you will be able to walk all the way down - it is beautiful.



  Snorkel and Scuba diving in association with Tropical Dive Club top

Yah they make  new home with us. Woo Hoo. http://www.tropicaldiveclub.com/ 

Dreamland Boat trip around the island can also be organised here.

  Kayak Rental top
For a beautiful day on the water, hire a kayak. There are a several nearby places of interest like Thong Nai Pan's beaches (easy), Laem Paak Chong (med) and Klong Thaansadet (expert only). It is possible to rent kayaks here.


  Hire a long-tail boat for a longer trip top

To Bottle Beach (Haad Khuat) and Koh Maa and Haad Rin (Full Moon party beach) the boat can be arranged with locals. Please ask if snorkel set is included or not in the price. For further information, please don't hesitate to ask at the reception.

Daily trips available to Koh Samui

Thong Nai Pan Beach - Thaan Sadet Beach and Waterfall - Haad Thian - Koh Samui

The 40-seat long tail boat departs from Thong Nai Pan at 9.00 a.m and stops at:

• Thaan Sadet Beach and Waterfall , where there is a quiet beach and the island's largest waterfall together, as well as an historic stone bearing King Rama V's initials. The quantity of water in the waterfall depends on the season. There is a nice restaurant on the hill and good views.

• Haad Thian : Accessible only by boat, has a quiet beach but because of the rocks on the shoreline the swimming isn't so good. There is also a restaurant and some bungalows.

• Haad Rin : World famous for its monthly full moon beach party, has many bungalows and restaurants and is good for shopping and enjoying the lively night life in the many bars along the beach. Haad Rin is the busiest and most crowded town on Koh Pha-ngan.

• Koh Samui ( arrival at Maenam Beach ): Larger and more developed than Koh Pha-ngan has a wide range of shopping, tourist attractions and dining and accommodation options. The nearest airport is located there. You can find more details about Koh Samui in the local guide books.

DAILY TIMETABLE TO/FROM KOH SAMUI (ThongNaiPan Tour) priced from 150 thb

Thong Nai Pan - Koh Samui

Koh Samui - Thong Nai Pan

9:00 am Thong Nai Pan 12:00 noon Koh Samui ( Maenam Beach pier)
- Thaan sadet beach 1:00 p.m Haad Rin
10:00 a.m Haad Rin - Thian beach
10:50 a.m Koh Samui - Thaan sadet beach
    1:50 p.m Thong Nai Pan
(Operates Feb-Oct)

Note: Times are subject to change without notice