Tap water is used for external use only, it is not treated! So it is wise to get for example a pack of drinking water (6 bottles) for your daily use.  At any restaurant they sell will them.

Like others places in thailand, our toilet system is not built for toilet paper so please dispose it in the bin provided.

Mosqito spray, all our rooms have a mosquito net, but it is for when you want to sit outside and enjoy the nature and the birds singing. 

Our huts are built out of wood, so please DO NOT use mosqito coils!

it is cheap to have your clothes sent to a laundrymat in thailand.  But if you want do it yourself, you will find a wash bucket the bathroom.  ALL laundrymat services are at your own risk.

Bring plenty of sunscreen, if you are particular of what brand you use be aware there are not many choices here. We find the spray ones are handy.

Bring your unfinish books to read :) & toys for the kids to play

Some restaurants have WIFI access, some you will need to pay and some are complimentary for their guests and those walking by

see you there,

Thongtapan resort team